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A busy working single mother, bookworm, hiker, nature lover and a fully certified hypnotherapist, dedicated towards helping people master a healthy relationship with themselves, achieving a life of fulfilment, purpose and freedom, they truly deserve. Read on for the rest »  .

I am passionate about helping people, create the life, they have always dreamed of. Breaking free from the control of negative behaviours, habits and addictions, that are enabling them an anxious, stress free life. Above all else, I am dedicated towards individuals, who are, truly ready to commit to the work, that will influence the long-lasting change, of their new, happier, healthier version of themselves. So, why choose me as your 'Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist? 

Having spent more than twenty-five years, working in the corporate world, I am greatly aware of the complexities, strains and frustrations that come along with the role. As a busy working, single mother, I therefore understand the struggles and careful balances, between being a good, supportive parent and an overall successful and dedicated professional. Moreover, for far too long time, I carried a burden of an abusive and deeply - damaging childhood, before finally learning, to forgive and accept that my parents were not capable of raising their children better. When my daughter was born, I realised it was my responsibility, to do things differently, offering her a better life; one without the struggles, I have known.

"I faced my greatest fears and overcame them. I learnt to forgive and let to and managed to turn my negative,

victim like mindset upside down, embracing the new, positive ways of thinking and being."


This has not only helped me, to improve the relationships with the people, in my life, that I love, but allowed me to gain a further perspective, understanding and compassion (with less judgment) for their personal circumstances. I finally felt, I was able to regain both my mental and physical balance; healing my body of physical traumas, that were a reflection of my state of mind. Shortly after I began sleeping uninterruptedly and shed weight, I have been struggling with for decades.

Having experienced, Rapid Transformational Therapy first-hand, as both part of the training, and personal practice, I am confident in its ability to empower any individual, no matter the issue. I stand by Marisa's method of RTT, not only because of the incredible results, I have seen in my clients, but the solutions, it provided me on a personal level; both at home and at work; performing the exact work, in the exact way, I have always wanted and always lacked the courage for !



I would recommend Mojca, to anyone who is faced with a situation they feel is insurmountable. At every interaction, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed, truly helping me embrace the entirety of the process. I was able to rid myself of a particularly old, damaging phobia; replacing the fear with a new, positive outlook / confidence. I felt very peaceful after the process and after every time I had listened to the recording. I would definitely recommend the therapy to anyone in need.

Bharat, United Kingdom

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